Engraver Series - This series is excellent for 3D routing, engraving jobs as well as educational training. This model line is not just relegated to engraving, it is also great for 3D molds, and custom kitchen cabinet doors.

Signmaker Series - The Signmaker router series is best suited for, but not restricted to CNC signmaking. This machine is the most economical way to start in the industry, if even as a hobby. Whether you are cutting foam, aluminum, or another material used in signage this is your machine.

Industrial Series - The leader in high speed 3D routing. The perfect router for a high production shop, the Industrial offers a heavy duty 6" platen, X- & Y-axis rack and pinion drive with planetary gearbox, with a ground ball screw on the Z-axis. This router series allows users to choose from a wide range of spindles, from an engraving head up to a 10hp Automatic Tool Change Spindle. The Industrial router series offers 12" Z gantry upgrade, ethernet connection for blazingly fast 3D file transfer and Z-zero auto tool sensing.

Performa Series - The Performa series, with it's 24" gantry, is a perfect machine for cutting everything from sheet material to large blocks of foam for mold making. The Performa is sold as a complete router solution with spindle, vacuum hold down clamps, setup and training included in the price of the machine.

Laser Evolution - The Evolution Laser System is a flat bed sheet cutting system, designed for maximum loading, unloading and cutting efficiency. The Evolution is available in a wide range of power levels, ranging from 100 - 500 watts depending on your requirements. With a sealed class 4 CO2 Laser system, the Evolution is able to work non-stop, 24-hours-a-day for years without maintenance.

Luminart - The Luminart System is all about creativity and productivity -- and Profitability. Yes, Profitability - because of it's unprecedented potential for the production of Luminite Signs and other unique Luminite promotional and decorative products means it's a business-building center. The high-strength aircraft grade aluminum and honeycomb structure of Luminart's System keeps every inch of the sign's surface flat and provides precise production.

The Controller - The Servo Controller offers very user friendly graphical user interface specially designed for high speed 3D machining. The cutting performance GREATLY surpasses our competition (by up to 2 to 3 times). The controllers are shipped with 40 GB of storage space. The controller comes with 3 connectivity options. 1) Serial Transfer 2) Disk transfer 3) Ethernet.