Precix Advanced Cutting Technologies Inc. is located in Langley, BC, Canada.

Precix Advanced Cutting Technologies designs and manufacturers computerized XYZ router tables, dispensing and laser cutting machines, as well as the 3 to 6 axis motion control systems that drive these as well as other products.

Precix has over 1200 tables in use in 30 countries around the world. They are primarily used by signmakers , custom cabinet makers and pattern makers. Other uses include plastics trimming and fabricating as well as automated cutting for the

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vacuum forming industry. Industries range from the home appliance industry to the automotive industry to the point of purchase market.

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Precix has the ability to design the robotic software, associated electronics as well as machine parts to international aerospace specifications for OEM customers.

Precix OEM customers include liquid dispensing machines and computerized mat cutters for the picture frame industry and OEMing controllers to other CNC manufacturers.

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