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The Fastest in 3D Routing!

The best in CNC routing, engraving, and CO2 laser technology

CNC Cutting, Engraving and Dispensing Solutions -- The fastest router for 3D applications

Precix Advanced Cutting Technologies designs and manufactures computerized XYZ CNC tables for cutting, engraving and dispensing. Our router tables are the fastest in 3D routing.

Precix also develops the 3 to 6 axis CNC motion control systems that drive these cutting, engraving and dispensing tables.

Precix has over 1300 CNC users in 40 countries around the world. Precix CNC tables can be set up as CNC routers, CNC dispensers, CNC lasers or for any other CNC applications. They are used by signmakers, architects, custom cabinet makers and pattern makers. Other uses include trimming plastic, CNC machining and fabricating as well as automated cutting for the vacuum forming industry. Precix CNC tables are used in Industries that range from the home appliance manufacuring to the automotive parts, to the point of purchase market.

Precix OEM customers use our technology to integrate into CNC printing tables, liquid dispensing machines, CNC laser cutting systems and computerized mat cutters for the picture frame industry. We also OEM controllers for CNC equipment manufacturers.

CNC Router News:

The new Industrial RP -- the high speed 3D CNC router for signmakers and light industrial applications. More

More CNC Router News:

Precix Launches the Performa, our new heavy duty CNC router table. More

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